Video, Factsheet, C-Card and More

This video was produced by PIWH/PAP as part of the Youth-Friendly Pharmacy Initiative Training. Note: Since this video was filmed, on April 22, 2009, the Food and Drug Administration announced that the age limit to purchase Plan B as an OTC product would be reduced from 18 to 17.  Consumers ages 17 and older are now able to purchase EC over the counter. Plan B EC is still available with a prescription and via pharmacy access to young women under the age of 17. To solicit a training please contact Nicole Monastersky Maderas, MPH at .

Factsheet and Video

The YFPI includes collaboration with youth to create relevant and effective materials for pharmacies and pharmacists to enhance youth access in pharmacies. PAP partnered with Cio’s Angels, a group of young women who meet weekly to discuss teen issues in Marin County, California, to develop a Fact Sheet (PDF-392KB) for youth to reference when seeking sexual and reproductive health services in pharmacies. Also, Cio’s Angels scripted and stared in a Video, “Youth Access in Pharmacies,” – included in the pharmacist trainings – and illustrates positive and negative scenarios of youth seeking services in pharmacies.


Pharmacists and pharmacy staff in completion of the training are familiar with information to share with pharmacy staff and colleagues regarding training, creating a youth-friendly setting, services and referral resources and have a Checklist (PDF-236KB) available for easy reference.

Registration Form

All pharmacists who participate in a training have an opportunity to list their pharmacy as Youth-Friendly on the popular website To list your pharmacy as Youth-Friendly, complete the registration form (PDF-248KB).

Client-Confidentiality Card (C-Card)

The C-Card to promotes improved access to emergency contraception (EC) in the pharmacy setting, especially for young women. Research reveals that young women will be more likely to seek services in the pharmacy if it’s possible to have a private conversation with a pharmacist. The C-Card is designed to meet this need and to help facilitate a confidential, discreet conversation between pharmacists and their clients.

The C-Card has a message that a woman can tear off and hand to the pharmacist to request EC in a non-verbal, discreet manner. The inside bottom half of the card says, “Dear Pharmacist, I would like to obtain emergency contraception. Please help me learn about this important back up birth control method in a confidential way. Thank you.” The card also provides valuable resource information on accessing EC including the website

View the inside of the card in ENGLISH or SPANISH. The card is also available in Chinese.

Youth Service Provider’s Guide on Emergency Contraception

In 2008, Pharmacy Access Partnership and the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health created the Youth Service Provider’s Guide for Emergency Contraception. The Guide, available in English and Spanish, details what emergency contraception (EC) is, how adolescents can get EC, facts about adolescents and EC, why EC is important for adolescents, the sexual and reproductive health rights of adolescents, sexual health counseling basics, and sexual violence, teen pregnancy and EC. To view the Youth Service Provider’s Guide, click here.

For more information about Youth-Friendly Pharmacy services, resources or opportunities for collaboration, please contact Nicole Monastersky Maderas, MPH at