Pharmacy Access Partners

Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month
In the spirit and memory of our founder, Jane E. Boggess, PhD, Pharmacy Access Partnership recognizes an individual or organization on a monthly basis. The award goes to those who work to increase access to reproductive health services and supplies by integrating culturally and linguistically competent care in pharmacy services, building bridges with collaborative partners and educating members of their community that exceeds the normal call of duty.

Summer 2008

6th Annual STATES Meeting Participants

Pharmacy Access Partnership, a center of the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, hosted its Sixth Annual STATES Meeting in San Francisco this May 2008. Participants from 13 states and Canadian provinces representing pharmacy, medical and reproductive rights/advocacy communities convened to network and share lessons learned and best practices to promote access to reproductive health services in pharmacies and other health care settings. Participants discussed myriad collaboration opportunities to advance access to EC and other hormonal contraceptives, STI prevention, and youth services through policy change, media-based efforts, training & educational materials, research projects and work with schools of pharmacy nationally. Thank you to all who came from near and far to discuss these important issues!

Spring 2008

Cio’s Angels, Marin County Department of Health and Human Services
San Rafael, CA

Cio’s Angels, a leadership group of adolescents affiliated with the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, has been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Spring 2008 Partner. The young women affiliated with Cio’s Angels have begun a community-involvement collaboration with Pharmacy Access Partnership. The goal of the partnership is to promote youth-friendly services in pharmacies and youth’s awareness of pharmacies as points of access for reproductive and sexual health information and services. As part of the youth-friendly pharmacy initiative, Cio’s Angels have established partnerships with local pharmacists in order create tools and develop skills for youth and pharmacist populations that can be replicated statewide. Thank you for your leadership, Cio’s Angels! We look forward to our continued relationship to promote collaborative efforts to improve access to reproductive health services for youth in pharmacies!

December 2007

Laura Vargas, Pacific Institute for Women’s Health
Los Angeles, CA

Laura Vargas, former Program Officer for the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, has been chosen as the December Partner of the Month. Laura was an invaluable collaborator on Pharmacy Access Partnership’s efforts to increase awareness of and access to emergency contraception (EC) for California young women of color. Among her numerous initiatives, she worked tirelessly to educate parents and youth service providers throughout the Los Angeles area about how to talk to young people about EC. Laura’s steadfast partnership also contributed to success of the “EC. It Works Better.” social marketing campaign and the creation of the bilingual Client Confidentiality Card. Thank you, Laura, for all that you do!

November 2007

Joseph Hafey, Public Health Institute
Oakland, CA

Public Health Institute President and CEO Joe Hafey is being recognized as the November Partner of the Month for his steadfast friendship to Pharmacy Access Partnership* since its inception in 1999. Joe is being recognized in honor of his upcoming retirement after more than 30 years at the helm of PHI. From the onset to pass legislation allowing California pharmacists to initiate Plan B emergency contraception prescriptions to current efforts to broaden reproductive health services in pharmacies, Joe has been an unwavering supporter.

Joe, thank you for your leadership, loyalty and sound advice. You will be missed.

*Pharmacy Access Partnership is an independent center of the not-for-profit Public Health Institute.

National Pharmacists MonthOctober 2007

In honor of National Pharmacists Month, pharmacists nationwide are being honored as the October Partners of the Month. Pharmacy Access Partnership wants to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all pharmacists who provide essential reproductive and community health services in their pharmacies. Thank you!

September 2007

Vermont EC Advocacy Community

The Vermont EC advocacy community has been chosen as the September 2007 Pharmacy Access Partner of the month for its collective efforts to promote EC pharmacy access in Vermont. On March 29, 2006, Vermont Governor James Douglas signed a bill into law making Vermont the 9th state to allow direct pharmacy access to EC. Following the August 2006 FDA ruling to allow “over the counter” sale of EC to consumers 18 and older, the advocacy community determined that going forward with EC collaborative practice was still beneficial for Vermont women as some women still require a prescription for Plan B, despite its over-the-counter status. Vermont’s first EC collaborative practice training is scheduled for September 30th, 2007, in Burlington. After attending this comprehensive EC training, pharmacists in Vermont will be able to begin dispensing EC through a Collaborative Practice Agreement.

August 2007

Health Initiatives for Youth
Oakland/San Francisco, CA

The Health Initiatives for Youth (HIFY) Peer Education Department has been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for August 2007 for their work to incorporate essential information on emergency contraception and pharmacy access into the HIFY peer education curriculum. HIFY invited Pharmacy Access Partnership to provide a special training seminar on pharmacy access to EC at their Summer 2007 Peer Educator Training. HIFY’s efforts to promote widespread understanding of EC and EC access helps ensure that young people have the resources they need to prevent unintended pregnancy. Congrats to the talented HIFY peer education team for their dedication and hard work!

July 2007

California’s Major Pharmacy Chains

Pharmacy Access Partnership has named California’s major pharmacy chains as our July Partners of the Month for their diligent efforts to disseminate to their pharmacies news about the recently launched “Client Confidentiality Card” (C-Card). The C-Card is a new resource designed by Pharmacy Access Partnership and the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health to provide women with a non-verbal communication tool to increase confidentiality in crowded pharmacies. To date, executive managers at Albertsons, CVS, Pavilions, Raley’s, Ralphs, Safeway, Sam’s Club, SaveMart, Savon, SuperValue, Vons, Walgreens and Wal-Mart have leveraged their communication channels to provide advance notice about the C-Cards to their memberships. Our goal is to ensure pharmacists are prepared to receive the cards once women begin to use them. To learn more about the C-Card, visit In The News.

June 2007

The California Pharmacists Association

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) has been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for June 2007 for its advocacy to address harmful legislation to change the basis of pharmacist reimbursement rates from the Average Wholesale Price to the Average Manufacturer’s Price. The lower reimbursement rate is part of the package of debt-reduction efforts included in the federal Deficit Reduction Act. Pharmacy Access Partnership thanks CPhA for its ongoing efforts to ensure that California pharmacists receive fair reimbursement for the services they provide. CPhA’s dedication to the pharmacy community helps ensure reasonably priced quality health care services for all of California’s pharmacy clients.

April/May 2007

ByOsmosis Consulting
Oakland, CA

ByOsmosis Consulting has been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for April/May 2007 for providing pro-bono website design services for the California Emergency Contraception (EC) Network website — available at* The California EC Network website is the source for EC Network activities, meeting notes, advocacy tools and member organization contact information. The generous contribution from ByOsmosis Consulting allows EC advocates statewide to access important EC policy and outreach information through a single Internet portal.
*Pharmacy Access Partnership is a member of the CA EC Network and currently coordinates the Network’s activities.

March 2007

Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign
New York, NY

The Back Up Your Birth Control (BUYBC) Campaign has been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for March 2007 for energizing national efforts to promote increased access to emergency contraception. This year’s BUYBC focus on teen access is especially important, given the FDA’s August 2006 decision to allow over-the-counter access to Plan B EC only for consumers 18 and older. The BUYBC Campaign Day of Action provides an important opportunity for EC advocates across the country to bring a national focus to this important reproductive health issue. Congratulations to the whole BUYBC team!

February 2007

Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
Lao Family Community Development Program
Oakland, CA

Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ) and the Lao Family Community Development Program (LFCDP) have been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partners of the Month for February 2007 for participating in a Community Forum (sponsored by Pharmacy Access Partnership and the Pacific Institute for Women’s Health) to increase emergency contraception access and awareness among Asian Pacific Islander youth. Numerous reproductive health advocates and more than 20 young API youth associated with ACRJ and LFCDP participated in the forum, including ACRJ’s Maria Nakae, who facilitated the forum. Their efforts to increase EC awareness and information among Asian Pacific Islander youth were an essential part of Pharmacy Access Partnership’s work to broaden EC access to woman of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

January 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Washington, DC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein have been chosen as the Pharmacy Access Partners of the Month for January 2007 for participating as the Honorary Chairs of Pharmacy Access Partnership’s Gala Event, “Milestones in Reproductive Health.” Their participation in the gala event sent a strong message that quality healthcare and equal access to services are paramount in meeting the health needs in California and throughout the U.S. Thank you to Madame Speaker Pelosi, Senator Boxer and Senator Feinstein for your ongoing support and tireless dedication to protecting women’s reproductive health nationwide.

December 2006

Botica del Sol Pharmacy
Los Angeles, CA

Botica del Sol Pharmacy has been chosen as Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for December 2006 for promoting increased media attention to OTC and pharmacy access to Plan B emergency contraception. On November 14, the CA EC Network and Pharmacy Access Partnership hosted the first California press conference at Botica del Sol pharmacy to promote the availability of Plan B in pharmacies in California and nationwide. The event provided an opportunity to disseminate important EC information to the Latino community and women of all ages in the Los Angeles area. Thank you to Botica del Sol pharmacy owner Dr. Ray Poon and all pharmacy staff!

November 2006

Los Angeles County Emergency Contraception Workgroup
Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles County Emergency Contraception (LAC EC) Workgroup has been chosen as the November Partner of the Month. The LAC EC Workgroup was formed in June of 2006 to assess the current status of access to EC within Los Angeles County. The group includes staff from various Public Health programs including the Office of Women’s Health, the Sexually Transmitted Disease Program, the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology, and the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Programs. The main objectives of the group are to identify barriers to EC access, improve access to EC, and increase awareness of EC among consumers and providers. Pharmacy Access Partnership sincerely values the Workgroup’s collaboration on our Local EC Initiative to improve EC pharmacy access in Los Angeles County.

October 2006

Pharmacists participating in Binational Health Week (Oct 7-15) Health Fairs
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The pharmacists and pharmacy staff participating in this year’s Binational Health Week have been selected as October Partners of the Month. The following individuals will be distributing educational materials on reproductive health issues and services, including pharmacy access to emergency contraception, at Binational Health Week health fairs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area: Jeff Wong, Walgreens, San Francisco; Gregory Tertes, Farmacia Remedios, San Francisco; Cindy Mendoza, Farmacia Remedios, Oakland; Joe Dalavai, Haller’s Pharmacy, Fremont; Maria Aguila & Shari Shimizu, Safeway, Redwood City; and Ingrid Gelman & Lisa Zelada, Elephant Pharmacy. By participating in Binational Health Week, these pharmacists are providing a great opportunity to promote pharmacy services and information and thereby impact the health of their Latino clients.

San Francisco Health Fair
Ready to Answer Questions San Francisco Health Fair
Pharmacists in Action
September 2006

Leo McStroul, Pharmacist
Agoura Hills, CA

Pharmacist Leo McStroul has been chosen as September Partner of the Month for excellence in providing EC education for pharmacists at the 2006 National Community Pharmacists Association Conference. Leo gave a timely presentation at the NCPA Conference on pharmacy access to emergency contraception. He also distributed at the conference Pharmacy Access Partnership’s consumer and pharmacist factsheets on the FDA decision on Plan B. His important work to educate pharmacists about promoting access to emergency contraception in pharmacies is especially important during the transition of EC to non-prescription product status.

July/August 2006

Asal Sadatrafiei
Asal Sadatrafiei
University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy
San Francisco, CA

Asal Sadatrafiei has been chosen as the July/August Partner of the Month for her role as a summer intern. Asal is charged with collecting follow-up data on a recent research study to determine the saturation of EC pharmacies statewide. Asal is currently in her third year of professional study at the UCSF School of Pharmacy, pursuing the Pharmaceutical Health Policy & Management pathway. She is developing a research project to assess availability and access to EC in San Diego. This summer, in addition to interning with Pharmacy Access Partnership, Asal is completing a summer internship with CVS pharmacy. The internship includes a project focusing on smoking cessation.

June 2006

California EC Network

The California EC Network (PDF-16K) has been chosen as Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for June 2006 for its recent official launch and first member meeting. The CA EC Network is a coalition of stakeholders working toward the goal of normalizing and improving access to EC for all Californians. The Network is comprised of EC advocates, policymakers, researchers and providers who work to increase EC access and awareness throughout the state. The goal of the Network is to share best practices, information and resources and coordinate myriad statewide efforts to better serve California’s men and women. We applaud the California EC Network and the Network Steering Committee for its leadership on making EC more available and accessible.

May 2006

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has been chosen as Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for May 2006 for its dedicated efforts to pass emergency contraception (EC) pharmacy access legislation and train EC pharmacists in Vermont. Since Gov. Douglas signed the pharmacy access legislation into law, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has bee working diligently to train pharmacists to initiate EC prescriptions, once the law becomes effective on July 1, 2006. We applaud Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Gov. Douglas and all Vermont EC advocates for their dedication to increasing women’s access to EC by making EC available through a pharmacist-initiated prescription.

April 2006

California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

The California Coalition of Reproductive Freedom (CCRF) has been chosen as Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for April 2006 for its efforts to organize the important activities surrounding the 2006 Reproductive Freedom Day. Efforts included the launch of CCRF’s ‘A Woman Knows Best’ framework for reproductive rights and a strategic lobby day promoting two bills introduced to 1) streamline comprehensive sexuality education requirements for community based organizations (SB 1471) and 2) a Parent-Child Communication Program (AB 2141). We applaud CCRF for its dedication to encourage California women to “take action” and “create change” and to promote greater access to essential reproductive health services, including pharmacy access to emergency contraception.

March 2006

University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy
San Francisco, CA

Over 300 pharmacy students at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) are recognized as March’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for their attendance and participation in the EC pharmacy access training program. The training event, coordinated by students Amy Vu and Reshma Mallya, was organized as part of the school’s Student Pharmacy Association’s extracurricular series on expanding the scope of pharmacy services. Participants were first, second and third year students, some of whom are currently interning in local pharmacies. Their completion of the EC training will allow them to partner with licensed pharmacists to facilitate greater pharmacy access to EC in the San Francisco Bay area. Thank you Amy, Reshma, and participating UCSF pharmacy students for advancing women’s access to EC!

January 2006

APHA Late-Breaker Resolution on Pharmacist Refusal Team
Philadelphia, PA

A dynamic group of reproductive health advocates are recognized as the January Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for their efforts to successfully advance and pass the American Public Health Association (APHA) late-breaker resolution (PDF-44K) on pharmacist refusal at the 2005 Annual APHA Meeting in Philadelphia. Contributors included Lois Uttley of MergerWatch, who coordinated the efforts that led to the submission and passage of the policy; Lourdes Rivera of NHelp, who was the official policy author; health policy advocate Susan Berke Fogel, Sondra Goldschein of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, Katherine Grainger of the Center for Reproductive Rights, Jill Morrison of the National Women’s Law Center, and Belle Taylor-McGhee of Pharmacy Access Partnership, who all contributed to drafting the policy language; and pharmacist Don Downing, whose expertise and support at the public hearing were invaluable. Thank you to the whole team for your tireless efforts to promote sound public health policy on pharmacy access!

December 2005

University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy
Stockton, CA

The University of the Pacific (UOP) School of Pharmacy is recognized as December’s Partner of the Month. This is Pharmacy Access Partnership’s fourth year conducting the annual saturation survey to determine the number of pharmacists in the state providing pharmacy access to EC. This year will additionally focus on rural and frontier counties and will in part, be a collaboration with volunteers from the UOP School of Pharmacy conducting telephone surveys to gather pharmacist data. The student volunteers will be supervised by UOP faculty, Susan Ravnan, PharmD, and Richard Abood, RPh, JD along with Jeri Bigbee, PhD, RN, from CSU Stanislaus Department of Nursing. Thank you UOP Pharmacy Students, for your participation in this research process!

November 2005

Nihar Mandavia, Pharm.D
Nihar Mandavia, Pharm.D
Indian Pharmacists Association
Southern California

Nihar Mandavia, Pharm.D, is recognized as November’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for his efforts to coordinate a live EC training program for members of the Southern California-based Indian Pharmacists Association (IPA). Due in part to his active role as board member and CE coordinator for the IPA, more than 70 pharmacists have signed up for this training. Nihar also plans to offer the CE program to more pharmacists in the future, including those employed at chain pharmacies. We applaud Nihar and the IPA for their proactive efforts to ensure their member pharmacists are well-informed about new opportunities and services in pharmacy that improve community health. Thank you Nihar and the IPA for promoting EC pharmacy access for members of your communities!

October 2005

Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, staff
Los Angeles, CA

The Pacific Institute of Women’s Health (PIWH) is recognized as October’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for recent collaboration with PAP on a year-long initiative to increase access to and awareness of EC among California’s adolescents, with a particular focus on Latinas and African Americans. PAP is thrilled to partner with PIWH in this new endeavor. PIWH has promoted women’s access to EC for the past decade, created a successful media campaign in both English and Spanish and offers extensive training and public education for hundreds of community-based organizations across Southern California. Thank you PIWH in your ongoing efforts to advance women’s access to EC!

September 2005

Ronda Lowe, RPh
Ruth Conroy, PharmD
District Pharmacy Supervisors
San Francisco, CA

Ronda Lowe and Ruth Conroy, District Pharmacy Supervisors of Walgreens in San Francisco, are recognized as September’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for their support in the implementation of bilingual family planning educational and promotional materials in San Francisco and San Rafael Walgreens. Select Walgreens stores in the bay area serving a large population of Spanish-speaking consumers have information available in Spanish and English to promote OTC contraceptive products, increase public awareness of services offered by pharmacists and promote consumer education. Thank you Ronda and Ruth for helping to promote family planning and sexual health education in your community!

August 2005

State Assemblywoman
Amy Paulin
Westchester County, NY

New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin is recognized as August’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for her leadership in improving access to EC at the state-level. Assemblywoman Paulin first introduced pharmacy access legislation in New York in 2002 in order to change policy to reduce unintended pregnancy. Although the legislation did not pass, she reintroduced it in 2003 and 2005, continuing to educate legislators and the public about EC. Thanks to her hard work — combined with the support of a large group of stakeholders including women’s groups, state agencies, and health care professionals including pharmacists — the 2005 EC pharmacy access bill passed the State Legislature and is awaiting approval from the governor. Thank you Assemblywoman Paulin for your initiative and persistent efforts to advance pharmacy access to EC for women in your state!

Manisha Patel (left) and Katrina Haines, Duramed Rep. at the Target EC training in San Jose on July 17, 2005.

July 2005

Manisha Patel, PharmD.
Target Pharmacy
Hayward, CA

Manisha Patel, PharmD., Area Pharmacy Manager at Target Pharmacy in Hayward, is recognized as July’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for her outstanding efforts to increase access to emergency contraception (EC) at Target stores in Northern California. Manisha worked to recruit Target pharmacists for two successful EC training programs in the bay area in June and July. More than 40 pharmacists participated in the live trainings and represent over two dozen new EC pharmacy stores. Thank you Manisha for helping to increase access to EC in your community!

Michael Smith, RPh and Dawn Touzin at Pharmacy Access Partnership’s 3rd Annual States Meeting in San Francisco.

June 2005

Dawn Touzin
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
Michael Smith, RPh
New Hampshire Pharmacists Association

Michael Smith, Executive Director of New Hampshire Pharmacists Association, and Dawn Touzin, Public Affairs Director of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England are recognized as June’s Pharmacy Access Partners of the Month for their tireless efforts to advance pharmacy access in New Hampshire. Because of their success, New Hampshire is poised to become the next state to permit pharmacists to provide EC directly to women without an advance prescription. Together, Dawn and Michael have highlighted the role of pharmacists in providing this public health service to women and have emphasized that women of all ages should have increased access to EC through pharmacies. Thank you Dawn and Michael for bringing the pharmacy and advocacy worlds together in partnership to expand EC access for women in your state!

Gregory Tertes, RPh (right) with patient checking blood pressure at Farmacia Remedios.
May 2005

Gregory Tertes, RPh
Farmacia Remedios
Oakland, CA

Gregory Tertes, RPh at Farmacia Remedios is recognized as May’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for his outstanding efforts to serve the health needs of a diverse population of Latinos in Oakland. Gregory has successfully integrated culturally and linguistically competent care to improve communication with Spanish-speaking patients regarding health issues. In addition to providing EC, Farmacia Remedios offers patients free blood glucose screening, and blood pressure checks in Spanish. Farmacia Remedios produces monthly Spanish language talks on health related topics including family planning, diabetes and nutrition. When asked why he became a pharmacist, Gregory stated “I see what I do as a readily available health care practitioner who is here to talk with you about what you need to talk about and ensure that you are getting the best care that you can get.” Thank you Gregory and Farmacia Remedios for offering culturally sensitive communication in your pharmacy and increasing access to EC!

April 2005

Dean Ng, RPh
Sun Lake Drug
Los Angeles, CA

Dean Ng, RPh at Sun Lake Drug is recognized as April’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for his exceptional efforts to serve the reproductive health needs of women in Los Angeles County. Dean has successfully developed a close partnership with the Hollywood Sunset Community Free Clinic to ensure timely and affordable access to EC. In addition to serving the women referred by the clinic to his pharmacy, Dean educates his EC clients that they may be eligible for coverage under state-sponsored health programs such as Family PACT or Medi-Cal and can get enrolled at the clinic. Thank you Dean, Sun Lake Drug, and Hollywood Sunset Community Free Clinic for teaming up to prevent unintended pregnancy in your community.

Linda Chang (far left) with fellow coordinators (Mimi Hayakawa & Monica Serrano) hosting an EC table at City College of San Francisco.
March 2005

Linda Chang
University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy
San Francisco, CA

Linda Chang, second year pharmacy student at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is recognized as March’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for her work in increasing awareness about emergency contraception (EC) through UCSF’s Women’s Health Organization. As one of the volunteer project coordinators, Linda has conducted EC talks and presented EC information at various health fairs at UCSF and in the San Francisco community. Most recently Linda organized a brown bag lunch for pharmacy and nursing students on emergency contraception which drew over 30 students and faculty. Thank you Linda for educating and outreaching to the public about EC and other important health care issues!

February 2005

Jim Cohen, RPh
The Medicine Chest Pharmacy
Hayward, CA

Jim Cohen, RPh, pharmacist at The Medicine Chest in Hayward is recognized as February’s Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for his participation in the Injectable Contraception (Depo-Provera) demonstration program, also known as Health Step. Over the past one-and-a-half years, Jim has given more than 50 shots to women who are clients of the Planned Parenthood — Hayward Health Center, and seeking re-injection for their birth control at the pharmacy. Thank you Jim and The Medicine Chest for offering another convenient point of access for women to quickly and confidentially get their quarterly birth control injection!

January 2005

Leslie Jones, RPh
The Medicine Shoppe
Canoga Park

Leslie Jones, RPh pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe, is recognized as the first Pharmacy Access Partner of the Month for his dedicated efforts to increasing access to emergency contraception (EC) in Canoga Park (Los Angeles). The Medicine Shoppe serves a large Latino population and Leslie’s efforts to incorporate culturally and linguistically competent care in educating women about EC is commended. Leslie has also done a fantastic job in proactively informing women about pharmacy access to EC, often providing women with an advance supply. Thank you Leslie and The Medicine Shoppe for helping to increase access to EC in your community!