EC Promotional Opportunities

Are you a pharmacist providing Emergency Contraception (EC) to your community?
As a physician do you refer your patients to a pharmacy for EC?
As a member of a community organization, do talk to your clients about EC?

Take advantage of these opportunities to promote EC pharmacy access:

  • List your EC Pharmacy Program on our consumer EC web site and hotline so women in your community know they can get EC from your pharmacy!

  • Download the registration form (PDF-168K) and fax to (510) 272-0285
    Once you sign on, you will receive a FREE starter kit of promotional materials!
    Note: if your pharmacy is no longer providing EC services click here (PDF-80K) to de-list your pharmacy from the EC web site and hotline.

  • Order and distribute FREE easy to understand and professionally designed informational materials for your pharmacy, clinic or organization.

About the EC Web Site and Hotlines

We maintain a popular Web site,, exclusively devoted to linking consumers in California and other states with EC pharmacy access to local pharmacies providing EC. draws over 4,700 unique monthly visitors, and is ranked 5th on when searching under “emergency contraception.”

As of December 1, 2006, the Pharmacy Access Partnership-managed toll-free hotline (1-877-EC-HELPS or 1-800-323-1336) was discontinued in an effort to streamline EC resources in California.

Pharmacy Access Partnership actively promotes the California EC hotline 1-800-521-5211 (managed by the California Family Health Council and the national hotline 1-888-Not-2-Late (managed by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals).

About EC Materials

  • EC Consumer Materials were professionally developed by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide after focus group testing.
  • Order these materials by downloading and completing a copy of our order form (PDF-60K), and faxing to (213) 385-0750. For questions about your order or materials, e-mail info@pharmacyaccess.orgor call (213) 386-1383.
Client Confidentiality Card
$10 per 100 cards for printing costs
Tool to facilitate discreet communication between pharmacy patrons and pharmacists. Available in English, Spanish and Chinese. Fits in a wallet; women of any age can use the C-Card to request Plan B non-verbally in a crowded pharmacy.
Plan B OTC Factsheets:
What Consumers Need to Know About Plan B OTC
(En Español)What Pharmacists Need to Know About Plan B OTC
(En Español)
Provides answers to the most frequently asked questions from consumers and pharmacists about the FDA decision to make Plan B available without a prescription for women 18 and older. Consumer Factsheet:
Two-page factsheet for distribution to all consumers.Pharmacist Factsheet:
Three-page factsheet for pharmacist use.
Physician Brochure Answers basic questions: What is the EC Pharmacy Program? How do the EC law(s) affect me? How can I participate in the EC Pharmacy Program? Tri-folded pamphlet.
Pharmacist Brochure Designed to encourage pharmacists to provide EC services in their community.

Provides information about EC, requirements under the law, benefits of providing EC services in a pharmacy and resources to start and promote EC pharmacy services.

Tri-folded pamphlet.
Teen Card

  • English (PDF-52K)
  • Spanish (PDF-120K)
Designed for adolescents.

Field tested by youth at the Adolescent Health Working Group in San Francisco.

Developed at a 6th/7th grade reading level.

Explains in detail how to get EC, what to know about EC and how EC works.

Tri-folded pocket sized brochure.

  • English (PDF-56K)
  • Spanish (PDF-76K)
Announces “Emergency Contraception Available Here – No Advance Prescription Necessary, See the Pharmacist”. 8-1/2″ x 11″ poster.

Suitable for window display.

“Ask Me” Button States “Ask Me About EC”

Designed for pharmacist, store personnel, or health educators to wear and increase awareness about EC.

1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″
Key Facts About EC

  • English (PDF-64K)
  • Armenian (PDF-1MB)
  • Cambodian (PDF-1.7MB)
  • Chinese (PDF-936K)
  • Farsi (PDF-832K)
  • Hmong (PDF-496K)
  • Korean (PDF-1MB)
  • Russian (PDF-752K)
  • Spanish (PDF-64K)
  • Tagalog (PDF-572K)
  • Vietnamese (PDF-992K)
Provides information about EC including: mechanisms of action, safety and efficacy, and medical follow up.

Pharmacists are mandated by CA law to give this document to each EC client.

One-sided sheet.

  • English (PDF-2MB)
  • Spanish (PDF-220K)
Explains in detail about EC, how to directly obtain it in a pharmacy and briefly describes California’s EC Pharmacy Program.

Recommended for all EC clients.

Available for download only. Currently out of print.
“Did You Know…” Fact Sheet

  • English (PDF-104K)
  • Spanish (PDF-100K)
  • Vietnamese (PDF-904K)
Explains in detail about EC and describes how to directly obtain it in a pharmacy and the EC Pharmacy Program.

Intended to raise public awareness about the EC Pharmacy Program.

Available for download only.

Currently out of print.