About Us

Pharmacy Access Partnership provides a wide range of services since 1999. A dedicated team helps to make different segments of population, partners, providers, suppliers, and others aware of reproductive methods presented in the healthcare market. The counseling of regular and emergency contraception prescriptions, and sexually transmitted infection treatment.

Being a leader in enhancing the medication access to EC, in particular, hormonal contraception, a company also deals with promoting the role of pharmacists in a modern world. There are various training of the employees and students covering the disciplines related to reproductive services and related advocacy work. In 2002, the PAP team accomplished the creation of the first dedicated legislation aimed to provide pharmacies with fast access to emergency contraception. It predetermines the right of people to get it without any advance prescription from a doctor or a clinic.

Along with the mentioned activities, we encourage the students with a medical degree to get involved in this industry and promote its importance together with our team. If you want to dedicate your spare time to volunteering, there are also specific programs that may help you to solve health-related issues in your community or nationally.

And, most important, we do care about responsible family planning. It works by sharing the awareness of the safe and fast distribution of OTC contraceptive products including the condoms that should be present in all the pharmacies at all times. The information on birth control, consultations with pharmacists, and extra advice from reliable partners are reached with the help of our experts.

Looking for brochures, educational material on reproductive health issues? Do not linger to get even more by contacting us using any interaction method comfortable for you.