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Welcome to Pharmacy Access Partnership. A community of dedicated experts promoting and developing various consultations and activities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Through a long partnership with the major distributors and suppliers of approved medications, our company helps to establish access to well-recognized methods of treating the ailments. Since 1999 until now, the team combines efforts to promote the methods of reproductive care. 

The partial, non-exhaustive list of some of the most common tasks for a pharmacist is impressive. The responsibility that comes with the territory of working at a pharmacy is tremendous – we have asked the specialists at, the leading pharmacy business covering international needs for accessible and quality medicating, to outline the tasks that the staff performs day in, day out, and we have been landed with the following:

Pharmacists work mainly in retail pharmacies (as co-workers / employees or as owners of the exercise), in parapharmacies, in hospital pharmacies but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Or they carry out research activities at scientific institutes, clinics and chemical-pharmaceutical laboratories. Depending on the sector in which he works and the role assigned to them, the pharmacist may be required to perform different tasks.

A pharmacist deals mainly with selling drugs, parapharmaceuticals, natural and homeopathic products, cosmetics, health and beauty products. In addition to selling, they offer assistance and advice to the public regarding the dosage and therapeutic indications of the drugs, reporting any contraindications and possible side effects, and deals with the preparation of galenic drugs. They can also carry out various screening for the prevention and protection of patients’ health (pressure measurement, cholesterol test, analysis of food intolerance, etc.), administer vaccines and provide advice on a healthy lifestyle. It manages the orders of drugs, checks stocks and supplies of medicines, sets up and displays the goods in the store.

It is the pharmacist’s task to welcome and assist customers with a friendly and cordial approach, ensuring that the pharmacy is always well stocked and that the health needs of the customers are met, maintaining a high quality standard of service. Building a relationship with customers is the key to offering appropriate healthcare advice.

Pharmacists also work in the chemical-pharmaceutical field, where they carry out, for example, activities related to the research and development of new formulas and pharmacological therapies, carry out clinical studies in collaboration with health professionals to assess and monitor the quality, efficacy and safety of drugs and medical devices, study and disseminate scientific data. Furthermore, a pharmacist can be involved in the registration of patents for drugs, medical-surgical aids and other health-related products for commerce (they fall into the category of supplements, dietary products, homeopathic products, cosmetics, pesticides). The work of the pharmacist can be part-time or full-time. As for local pharmacies, availability for shifts is required to cover holidays, weekends and night shifts.

Seeing this tremendous amount of work and responsibilities associated with the profession, we have chosen to provide meaningful support with our investments and promotional help to the specialists in the area of pharmaceutical science.

Besides, PAP is a trusted leader in enhancing and promoting the importance of pharmacists and pharmacies as the main health providers. There is a wide system of policies aimed to regulate such activities on a legal basis, and helpful strategies created to boost the affordability of pharmaceutical aid.

Other targets are based on awareness and education of all the partners, providers, and any patients that turn to PAP for consultations:

  • Looking for the development of new policies integral to running such services? PAP develops them for partners;
  • Need fresh impetus? There is plenty of new ideas applicable for clinics and both online and community pharmacies;
  • Want to educate both employees and patients about the drugs’ application? More than 100 opportunities to make them aware of the safety and quality of goods;
  • Seek the chance to impact the affordability of remedies? No need to waste time on training. Check PAP’s designated program dealing with all the factors.

Moreover, find many other programs dedicated to family planning, and hormonal contraception.

In case of applying to receive a personal consultation, there is a separate group of people working daily to provide various services. However, like any other online pharmaceutical company, the requirement to consult doctors is a must. Any details or articles posted on the site is solely for informational purposes, and a team does not bear the responsibility for the consequences. If agreeing on these terms, then follows a prolific collaboration helping to promote healthcare services, in turn, connected the most to reproductive policies and practices.

Feel free to contact PAP now using any presented method of interaction. All the inquiries are proceeding at lightning speed and without wasting your time. Advisors will help to find out even the most complicated health-related settings and concerns.

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